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Soil Testers Increase Gross Margins With Job Scheduling

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This job scheduling system helps Soil Testing companies streamline their operations, saving costs and increasing gross margins, as well as providing visibly better service to customers and reducing or eliminating billing errors.

In just one of many stories, one company reduced office staff from 5 to 3 within 6 weeks, then down to 2 within 8 months, even while taking over operations for a whole state. The other staff were redeployed into other areas of the company.

Another client reduced office staff by 1 within a few weeks, then they used the software to win a contract. That contract caused them to add 9 new field staff but they didn’t need any additional office staff to handle the extra work.

They also improved cashflow because of more efficient billing. Field staff can even initiate billing immediately after completing the job, before leaving the customer’s site.

Every Seratec client says they saw a “considerable reduction in time in the office and in the field.” Several said “Rapidly eliminated a full time salary in the office.”

Seratec Helps Companies Increase Gross Margins

Seratec Job Scheduling Platform Core Features

fast job scheduling

Job Scheduling

Job scheduling – every client agrees scheduling is super-fast. High productivity for both office and outside staff, never miss a job, track every job. Unlimited photos per job. Payments on site. Client signatures. Automated scheduling of routine maintenance.



Activity Checklist Builder

Out-of-the-box – build advanced checklists with a large array of responses and conditional questions. Staff never miss doing a procedure or skipping steps. For example, it can be used for a toolbox check, vehicle check, WHS etc.


accounting integration

Billing / Accounting System Integration

Billing or accounting system integration out-of-the-box with MYOB, Xero and multiple other accounting systems right through to SAP.




Along with the standard reports, there is a DIY custom report system to exactly suit your business requirements. This saves time for managers and provides useful management information.


user auditing

User Auditing

See exactly what staff are doing with a full audit trail of user login, viewing history and data changes. This is also a personal safety feature, plus it can show who needs a training refresh.


fast search

Advanced Search

Keep an entire history of Jobs, Invoices, Customers, Staff, Assets, multi-locations per customer and multiple staff per customer. Search for absolutely anything in the system, with advanced search tools that are easy and very fast to use.


“Very impressive speed of invoicing. Asset tracking really important for larger customers – a key feature of Seratec. Increased efficiency in EVERY area of the business. Seratec was with us every step of the way through the adoption – Nothing has ever been too much trouble. Fully enabled growth with no growing pains whatsoever.” – Gary Cline

“Of all the systems reviewed, Seratec is the easiest to use in office and the field. Create jobs really fast – in an instant, Cut down office staff time on all aspects of job handling Outside staff operate much quicker. After sales support is terrific!” – Terry Amos

“Considerable reduction in time in the office and in the field. Rapidly eliminated a full salary in the office. A great product, a good move for us.”

“Seratec helped multiple sides of the business to improve productivity. Techs don’t need to return to the office for invoicing to happen. Support has been terrific from the very get go. Very quick to respond. Seratec always listen to requests. We are very happy with the product and the support.” – Shane Howison